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A shamanic approach to artistic expression is the basis of my creativity and reflects my cultural background. This approach includes the understanding of spiritual values, symbols, and imagery of aboriginal cultures. For me, this translates in to a respect for the artistic process, the materials, the subject matter, and myself.

My symbols, which frequently include representations of nature and peace among the peoples of our world, promote a sense of harmony. Inspiration is drawn from divergent elements in the environment. My art, through painting and pottery, gives a voice to the various aspects of nature.

All of my paintings are on handmade paper made by Saint Armand paper mill which produces a high quality hand-made paper in the traditional style.

The gallery of my painted works is divided into 3 categories: Small Spirit Animals, Large Spirit Animals and Sacred Circles. Small Spirit Animals are available in dimensions of 8" X 10" and are packaged in a glass clip frame.

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Small Spirit Animals

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Buffalo (blue)

Buffalo (yellow)

Buffalo (red)

Woman With Burden (yellow)

Woman With Burden (blue)

Kokopelli (green)

Kokopelli (red)

Mountain Gahan (red)

Mountain Spirit (red & yellow)

Gahan Dancer

Jumping Deer (blue)

Jumping Deer (yellow)

Jumping Deer (red)

Bird (yellow)

Bird (red, also available in blue)

Peacock (blue)

Peacock (yellow)

Elk (red)

Elk (yellow)

Owl (yellow)

Owl (green)

Hummingbird (green)

Spirit Animal Descriptions

by Veran Pardeahtan, M.F.A.

Blue Jay - known for it's ability to communicate; represents change.
Buffalo -
powerful and free roaming creatures that Natives hunted respectfully and sparingly; representative of wisdom and contact with the earth.
Cardinal -
known for it's sweet song; represents health, vitality and things of importance.
Coyote -
a wild and sacred trickster representing duality and endurance.
Elk -
a playful and persistent spirit that is a teacher of other teachers.
Frog -
represents deep change, transformation and a release of emotion.
Jumping Deer -
sensitive and graceful creatures that signify an exploration of creativity as well as one's intuitive and healing abilities.
Hummingbird -
associated with the beautiful and the sacred; provides clarity and healing.
Lizard -
it's longevity and adaptability allow for self-protection; a positive omen which can represent a messenger.
Mouse -
represents innocence and trust; a teacher of inner strength and introspection.
Owl -
a silent messenger of ancient knowledge, feminine wisdom and mystery.
Peacock -
both beautiful and cunning; an ever vigilant protector.
Turtle -
represents mother earth, the foundations of life and stability.

Colours used and their meanings

Red, Yellow, Black and White -
these colours represent the four tribes.
Green -
Mother Earth.
Blue -
The Creator.

Large Spirit Animals

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Four Mountain Spirits

Eagle Dancer

Gahan Dancer

Peacock (yellow)

Peacock (red)

Hawk (blue)

Hawk (orange)

Sacred Buffalo (Three Winds)

Sacred Buffalo (Four Directions)

Traditional Buffalo (yellow)

Traditional Buffalo (red)

Sacred Circles

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Sacred Circle 1

Sacred Circle 1B

Sacred Circle 2

Sacred Circle 2B

Sacred Circle 3

Sacred Circle 3B

Sacred Circle 4

Sacred Circle 4B

Sacred Circle 5

Sacred Circle 5B

Sacred Circle 6

Sacred Circle 6B

Elk sacred circle

Mother Earth sacred circle

Large Sacred Circles (diameter 36")

Morning Star

The Creator

The Meaning of The Sacred Circles

Order and Balance (sacred circle #1)

This sacred circle represents the life long search for order and balance. In this life circle, one starts from the beginning (in the middle) and works their way to the outside during a lifetime. This is a living journey.

The Four Directions (sacred circle #2)

Inspiration for this sacred circle comes from the desert plants, paying respect to the gifts from the four directions and Mother Earth.

The Land (sacred circle #3)

This sacred circle provides a geometric vision of the desert, Masa's mountains, and the land. It pays respect to Mother Earth.

The Creator (sacred circles #4 & #5)

This sacred circle gives respect to the Creator by celebrating trees, birds, mountains, and Mother Earth.

The Eagle (sacred circle #6)

The eagle's strength and spirit are honored in this sacred circle.


This sacred circle gives respect and honor to the elk. Elk are playful and persistent spirits that are teachers of other teachers.

Mother Earth

Inspired by the land, this sacred circle honors Mother Earth through a geometric representation of mountains, valleys, and balance.



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