The Vision of Red and White Studios

"Today we are witnessing the creation of a new art by a new generation of young artists who have been inspired by two aesthetic traditions. North American Indian and Euro American. The first is profoundly rooted in tribal ritual and symbolism and the ongoing process of change. This is a new art, rich in forms and imaginary creations, and it establishes the symbiosis between traditional and contemporary art."

Robert Houle

A shamanic approach to artistic expression is the basis of my creativity and reflects my cultural background. This approach includes the understanding of spiritual values, symbols and imagery of aboriginal culture. I incorporate this with a respect for the artistic process, the materials, the subject matter and myself.

My work combines the formal elements of painting and sculpture. I take past traditions with regards to their essence and re-interpret these themes, giving them present day relevance. The continuity of traditions and the value of those who came before are thus evident.

I offer a contemporary perspective of Native culture to strengthen the understanding of our art and culture as alive, dynamic and vital. My mastery in the areas of handling materials and understanding the language of theory have been influenced by my experiences with both Native and Non-Native society and culture.

My introduction to the ways of the mainstream art community, along with the messages of the Native Elders, have given me the awareness of the need to engage in building bridges through art between the peoples of all nations.

My ideas have Southwest traditions at their core; however the time I have spent with Northern Indigenous peoples has influenced my sense of aesthetics and design. I also have an awareness of the need to explore further and question the multiple approaches to both Native and Non-Native art and culture.

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